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All of the bulls offered for sale are either classified or approved commercial bulls and meet the stringent standards of both the classifier and Bullamakinka stud operators.


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Bullamakinka Bull Sale

Bullamakinka Bull Sale October 12th 2018

Bulls available for inspection 14-17 September.

60 Quality Classified Bulls offered under the helmsman system.


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Bullamakinka Annual Helmsman Sale 2018


Lot 1 Lot 2 Lot 3 lot 4

Lot 1 Bullamakinka N222 (P)

Lot 2 Bullamakinka N06 (P)

Lot 3 Bullamakinka N 90 (P)

Lot 4 Bullamakinka N216 (P)

Lot 5 Bullamakinka N134 (P)

Lot 6 Bullamakinka M444 (P)

Lot 7 Bullamakinka N54 (P)

Lot 8 Bullamakinka N120 (P)

Lot 9 Bullamakinka N296 (P)

Lot 10 Bullamakinka N256 (P)

Lot 11 Bullamakinka N74 (PS)

Lot 12 Bullamakinka N8 (PS)

Lot 13 Bullamakinka N18 (P)

Lot 14 Bullamakinka N254 (P)

Lot 15 Bullamakinka N68 (P)

Lot 16 Bullamakinka N72

Lot 17 Bullamakinka N36

Lot 18 Bullamakinka N34

Lot 19 Bullamakinka N200

Lot 21 Bullamakinka N96

Lot 22 Bullamakinka N228

Lot 23 Bullamakinka N144 (P)

Lot 25 Bullamakinka N214 (P)

Lot 26 Bullamakinka M292 (P)

Lot 27 Bullamakinka N288 (PS)

Lot 28 Bullamakinka M442 (PS)

Lot 29 Bullamakinka N666 (P)

Lot 30 Bullamakinka N124 (P)

Lot 32 Bullamakinka N32 (PS)

Lot 33 Bullamakinka N10

Lot 36 Bullamakinka N252 (P)

Lot 41 Bullamakinka N16 (P)

Lot 43 Bullamakinka N40 (P)

Lot 44 Bullamakinka N24 (P)

Lot 45 Bullamakinka N26

Lot 47 Bullamakinka N6

Lot 48 Bullamakinka N62

Lot 49 Bullamakinka N224

Lot 50 Bullamakinka N158 (P)

Lot 51 Bullamakinka N520

Lot 52 Bullamakinka N326

Lot 53 Bullamakinka N176

Lot 56 Bullamakinka N314 (P)

Lot 58 Bullamakinka N304 (P)


Lot 59 Bullamakinka N528 (P)

Lot 60 Bullamakinka N150 (P)

Lot 61 Bullamakinka Rimfire M22 - Semen Share ONLY being offered


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